Georgia Electronic Liens & Titles (ELT)

Frequently Asked Questions about ELT in Georgia:

In Georgia, what is the difference between a lien and a security interest?

A security interest represents voluntary action taken by the vehicle owner. For instance, when applying for a loan with the vehicle as collateral, the lender requires a security interest in the vehicle and will apply to be the security interest holder on the vehicle title. This is simply called a lien in many other states, but a "lien" by contrast in Georgia is involuntary. A court can order a lien placed on the vehicle for non-payment of taxes, for example.

Does the ELT program apply to all vehicles titled by the DMV (boats, mobile homes)? What class of vehicles are not titled by the DMV?

The ELT program applys to all titled vehicles.

From the Vehicle Titles Manual:

A Georgia title is required for the following:
  • 1986 and newer year model campers,
  • 1986 and newer year model car/tow dollies weighing 2,001 lbs., or more,
  • 1963 and newer year model manufactured homes,
  • 1963 and newer year model mobile homes,
  • 1986 and newer year model motorcycles,
  • 1986 and newer year model motor vehicles, and,
  • 1986 and newer year model travel trailers.

There are some exceptions listed in the manual, such as for driver education vehicles. Boats are not titled in Georgia. Boat registrations are handled by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Is there an expedited title print process? How does it work?

For non-ELT titles, a vehicle owner (or security interest holder if there is a security interest) can get an over the counter title from the MVD Hapeville office. For ELT titles, the lien must be released prior to requesting a duplicate paper title.

Where is the Hapeville office?

DOR/ Motor Vehicle Division
1200 Tradeport Blvd.
Hapeville, GA 30354

Does the state allow a free reprint if a title is never received when printed and mailed?

Yes. From the Georgia Vehicle Titles Manual:

No fee for titles lost in the mail if a replacement is applied for within sixty (60) days of the issue date of the lost title. A new application and a completed and signed Report of a Lost Title in the Mail (Form T-216) must be submitted. This option is only available when the title was mailed by MV to the vehicle owner and the owner has not received the title.

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